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canine body language workshops

A 4 hour CPD certified workshop for dog owners, professionals or any one else who wants to learn the secret language of dogs 

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whats included

* 4 hour workshop

* 84 page student e-manual 

* printed certificate of completion 

* digital badge 

what you will learn 

1. How to read the subtle signs 

exploring dog's eyes, ears, mouth, hair, tail and posture in detail

2. Why emotion probably isn't what you think it is

discussing links between emotions and body language. What does aggression, fear, anxiety or happiness look like in dogs? and can dogs feel guilt?
3. how dog-dog communication is easier to interpret than you think
looking into how dogs communicate with one another, appropriate play and how to pre-empt our dogs behaviours
4. detailed vieo analysis 
putting your new knowledge to practice through detailed video analysis

would you be interested in this workshop?
let us know!

and tell us if you prefer training in person or via zoom

Thank you!