before we start...

* we will arrange a meet and greet so that you can get to know us better & so we can get to know your requirements as well as your dog(s) 

*for the meet and greet we will bring our insurance documents, dbs, dog first aid and any other qualifcations

* if we are all happy, you'll be asked to fill out some forms & a trial walk may be set up

*we will arrange with you your preferred choice to access your home for collections and drop offs

* Then once days and times are confirmed we will be ready for walking your dog(s)!

how it works 

*we walk a maximum of 6 dogs together

*we match the dogs we have carefully to any new dogs we take on board

*location of walk will be decided on the day depending on weather and dogs

*we tailor the walk daily to the dogs needs so the time spent out can be a mix of running around, enrichment activities, playing, sniffing and cuddles

* we will collect your dog(s) from your home

* your dog will be out for about 1 & 1/2 hours to 2 hours - this includes a 1 hour walk plus pick ups & drop offs

* we will drop your dog(s) back and make sure they are comfortable in their home! 


*for one dog*



price for 2 or more dogs will be decided based on location and requirements needed

enquire about dog walking

we'll get back to you as soon as possible