one of our goals is for dogs and their owners to learn to harmonise together 

to build stronger connections and understandings

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Currently, we have completed the reactive rascals workshop which means we can advise you on any issues with reactivity with your dog. We have also completed the canine body language workshop and have gone on to become canine body language specialists and instructors, which allows us to teach our own workshops. As well as completing our dog first aid training.

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who are we?

Mother and Daughter Duo



my love of animals started very young as we grew up surrounded by dogs cats, chickens, pigs, horses, goats, cows, sheep and many more. when i travelled for a couple of years i worked with the wwoof scheme (willing workers of organic farming) in new Zealand and Australia. Which gave me many wonderful experiences and insights into other ways of being and living . i ran my childminding business when my daughters were young and i also worked in a nursery where we worked with the forest school ethos. i am a reiki master/teacher and a rahanni teacher and use these teachings daily especially whilst working with the dogs and humans. i will be embarking on an equine facilitated coaching course to bring together my love and understanding of animals and humans. as well as gaining a greater understanding on how we are all connected and how our energy and well-being has an impact on ourselves and those around us so i can bring this awareness into my future teachings.



I'm 20 years old and have worked with my mum, Anna, full time since January 2019. i left school after completing my a-levels in 2018 and travelled around Europe through Interrail. In addition to completing workshops and training through the dog training college, i have also trained to be a reiki practitioner. when working with the animals and humans i use the teachings I've learnt to bring a calm and safe energy into the environment we are working in. growing up we always had animals around us whether it was hamsters, rabbits, cats, dogs or horses - which contributed to my love of nature and all animals. i also love being creative, especially through photography and designing. One of my goals is to set up my own designing business in the near future to work along side 'Paws For Thought'.



hi! i'm Harvey and i'm a 7 year old cocker spaniel. my owners are Anna and Olivia so i will most likely be one of the dogs walking with your dog! i'm good at teaching younger dogs socialisation skills, as well as being of a quieter temperament for the older dogs to get along with.i love walking with all my friends (just as much as i love eating anything i find!)